Web Solutions

With a decade of experience, at Tristar Web Solutions we build the latest cutting-edge Web content in-house from the ground up. Up-to-date on all the latest markup languages and Web standards, all of our client Web sites validate to standards. We style and program all client Web sites to be cross-browser and cross-platform compliant. Our Web sites are tested and compliant with Internet Explorer 6, Internet Explorer 7 and higher, Firefox Mac, Firefox PC, Opera, Safari Mac, Safari PC, Chrome, and iPhone Safari.

Our advanced team of programmers and designers will provide Web solutions custom-fit to your needs. We specialize in ASP.NET (C# and Visual Basic), PHP, XHTML 1.0, CSS 2.1, Flash/ActionScript and JavaScript markups.

State of the Art Services

  • Database Management
  • Open Source Solutions
  • Content Management Systems
  • Mobile Content
  • Blogging Forums
  • Event Registration and Management
  • Interactive Content, Video and Multimedia
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Internet and E-Mail Marketing
  • E-Commerce / Shopping Cart
  • Social Networking
  • SSL and Security
Tristar Web